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Dr Scott Hollier to give W4A2017 William Loughborough address

It is with much excitement that I’m able to share with you some fantastic news; I’ve been given the great honour and privilege to deliver the William Loughborough After-Dinner address at the Web for All (W4A) 2017 conference.

My topic, ‘Technology, education and access: a ‘fair go’ for people with disabilities’ will focus on my personal journey and on the broader benefits that education and technology can provide..  In particular, the address will focus on how key accessibility developments help to  provide a ‘fair go’ in relation to the inclusion of assistive technologies now built-in to mainstream devices, the future implications of accessibility and the wonderful dedication and hard work of accessibity professionals in their support of people with disabilities.   

Details regarding the after-dinner address and additional conference information can be found at the W4A2017 website.

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