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About Scott


Dr Scott Hollier specialises in the field of digital accessibility and is the author of the book ‘Outrunning the Night: a life journey of disability, determination and joy’. With a Ph.D. in Internet Studies and senior management experience across the not-for-profit, corporate and government sectors, Scott is an internationally-recognised researcher and speaker.

Scott’s roles include CEO and co-founder of the Centre For Accessibility Australia, holds academic positions at Edith Cowan University and the University of South Australia, and is an Invited Expert for the W3C Accessible Platform Architectures Research Questions Task Force. In addition, Scott is legally blind and as such has both a professional and personal understanding of the importance of accessibility.

For a more detailed overview of Scott’s work credentials, please refer to his LinkedIn profile page.

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If you would like to suport Scott’s work in ensuring that people with disability can achieve greater independence by making the digital world more accessible, please visit Centre For Accessibility Australia and consider becoming a member.