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New resource helps people with vision disabilities navigate the NDIS

VisAbility, one of Australia’s service providers for people who are blind or have low vision, recently launched a new resource titled My vision, My Choice to help people with a vision disability navigate their use of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

My Vision My Choice website screenshot

The official VisAbility press release describes the My Vision My Choice website as “…a comprehensive online one-stop-shop, where you can access all you need to know about the NDIS if you live with vision impairment or blindness, are a family member, carer or provider. [the website] successfully brings together everything a person with vision impairment needs to make an informed choice about their NDIS plan in one place.”  

The website contains a large amount of information including:

  • Access to the NDIS planning booklet
  • Sample plans
  • Comprehensive list of Service Providers roles
  • Personal stories and podcasts.

As the project progressed, I had some involvement through the creation and implementation of a community consultation programme to determine what content people would need from the resource. It was great to be involved in the design and implementation of this process which included focus groups and an online survey.

Since the launch of the resource there’s been great feedback in the community that the website is effectively meeting its need as people with vision disabilities continue to work their way through the NDIS process.

Many thanks to VisAbility for the opportunity to work on the project. The My Vision My Choice resource can be found at

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