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Consultancy & Training

Whether you’re just starting out on the digital access journey or completely across your organisational needs, Scott can help.

Dr Scott Hollier provides a range of digital access training, consultancy and assessment services. To help explain why this issue is so important, the following video produced by Media On Mars features Scott demonstrating how assistive technologies are used to access digital content.

Dr Scott Hollier has delivered hundreds of workshops, lectures, training sessions and seminars to support organisations and consumers so that people with disabilities can effectively engage with online content.

Running the classroom in Saudi Arabia

The following information provides a list of popular training workshops, auditing services and general consultancy options. A detailed list of each workshop can be provided on request.


Classroom in Saudi Arabia

Training workshops include:

  • Digital access management overview: this half-day workshop is designed specifically for senior management and decision-makers to help kickstart the implementation of access in your organisation.
  • Web accessibility essentials and quick-wins: this half-day workshop provides a basic overview of the WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 accessibility standards and how they apply to different organisational roles.
  • Escaping the Accessibility Island: this popular one-day workshop is designed for staff across your organisation to learn how people with disability will engage with your content. Includes hands-on experience in using devices in a similar way to people with disability, overview of the WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 accessibility standards and practical information for a variety of organisational roles including ICT professionals, content producers, policy officers and staff in marketing and communications areas.
  • Digital accessibility: from audit to implementation; this two-day workshop for ICT professionals provides detailed guidance on how people with disabilities use web and apps, specific practical guidance on the WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 standards as it relates to web and app development, auditing tools and techniques to confirm if your content is compliant and how to address issues by maximising your time when working on accessibility requirements such as captioning a video.
  • Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility: If you are seeking a tertiary-backed accreditation, this six-week online short course with practical assessments is a great option. The course is delivered by Dr Scott Hollier and lecturer Dr Ruchi Permvattana. Visit the Certificate website for more information.
  • E-learning accessibility: this one-day workshop caters specifically for the education sector. Upskill staff on how to ensure that LMS content is developed and published with accessibility in mind.

Resource development and focus group facilitation  

As an internationally reocgnised researcher with a PhD in the field, Scott is well placed to support your organisational needs in undertaking research projects.

Services include resource development, the running of focus groups and the analysis of organisational data.

An example of Scott’s work is the Affordable Access project developed for Media Access Australia and VisAbility.


It is recommended that you upskill your own staff to perform website and app audits. However, if you would like an independent assessment of your digital content, the following services are available.

  • Heads-up’ audit: this is a basic assessment against the WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 guidelines. While not intended to be a detailed assessment against the entire standard, it can provide you with a basic overview of the most prominent accessibility issues and how to fix them. Includes visual checks, screen reader evaluation and testing with an automated tool for five sample pages.
  • Full audit: this is an audit based on all success criteria of the internationally recognised WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 standards. This includes comprehensive testing of 15 sample pages on multiple web browsers, multiple assistive technologies on both desktop and mobile operating systems where applicable.

Auditing can be performed on websites, apps and documents.

General consultancy

The digital access journey is much easier if you can get critical advice along the way. If you have a specific project that will require ongoing support, you may wish to purchase a block of consultancy hours, so you can easily get advice as soon as it is needed.

For a quote on any of Scott’s services, just get in touch via the details in the Contact section.