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All Things Digital, All Things Accessible podcast series now online

I’ve recently been involved in a six-part podcast series titled ‘All Things Digital, All Things Accessible’ on VisAbility radio with host Kenneth Phua. The idea of the series was to provide listeners with an overview of how people who are blind or have low vision use popular devices, some of the interesting consumer trends such as the Internet of Things and various international developments.

If you would like to listen to the podcasts, the respective links are listed below along with the episode descriptions provided by VisAbility.

Episode 1 podcast: Dr. Scott Hollier gives us a broad view of what digital devices are and why it’s vital that accessibility should be part of the conversation. VisAbility Radio Host Kenneth and Dr. Scott talk about what accessibility is and how it benefits people with vision impairments plus some of the common misconceptions surrounding this subject.

Episode 2 podcast: Dr. Scott Hollier chats about what’s important to know when it comes to internet security for a person who has low vision or who is blind. The conversation also addresses the question of privacy protection and the considerations we need to factor in when making decisions on accepting the terms and conditions of a device or even a mobile app.

Episode 3 podcast: Dr. Scott Hollier discusses the Internet of Things. The “Internet of Things” is making its presence felt but what is it, how will it benefit us and what will the future look like with the explosion of IOT capabilities? Dr. Scott Hollier unpacks these as we talk through the main issues of an IOT world.

Episode 4 podcast: Dr. Scott Hollier ventures further out by taking a look at what developments are going to benefit the person with a vision impairment. From augmented reality and ‘wearables’ to self-drive cars, these all seem to be within reach, but will it be that simple?

Episode 5 podcast: Dr. Scott discusses the international standards that can provide assurance of quality, compatibility and perhaps pricing of all things digital and accessible. Dr. Scott Hollier offers insights from the perspectives of one who is in a position of influence on the international front of the initiative.

Episode 6 podcast: In this final episode, entitled All Your Questions Answered, we take on your questions including those about digital aids for the kitchen, robot guide dogs, self-monitoring health devices, apps for shoppers, gadgets supporting learning and more.

Many thanks to VisAbility and host Kenneth for the invitation to be involved. It was a great experience and a lot of fun.

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