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Happy 2018 Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Updated with slides from A11y Bytes Perth presentation 

The 2018 Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) has arrived with lots of digital access-related events happening all over the world. If you are interested in getting involved you can find a detailed list of worldwide events at the GAAD Global Events page.

Dr Scott Hollier presenting at A11y Bytes PerthDr Scott Hollier presenting at A11y Bytes Perth (Credit: David Vosnacos)

My participation this year took place at the Perth A11y Bytes event Where I gave a lightning talk on the topic ‘The Death of Traditional CAPTCHAs and international developments on its replacement’. The presentation focused on how W3C is about to release an updated advisory note on CAPTCHA, the first in 12 years. so, what’s changed, and does it finally mean the death of unreadable and inaccessible image text? If you would like to learn more you can download my presentation slides (PDF file). 

Many thanks to Julie Grundy for her hard work in organising such a great event and I wish everyone involved in GAAD events around the world all the best for their active promotion of digital access. 

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