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About Scott


The professional achievements of Dr Scott Hollier relate to his work as specialist advisor in the field of digital accessibility and is the author of the book Outrunning the Night: a life journey of disability, determination and joy’.

With a Ph.D. in Internet Studies and project management experience across the not-for-profit, corporate and government sectors, Scott is an internationally-recognised researcher and speaker. While his commitment to supporting the needs of people with disabilities is well recognised, it’s his other pursuits that often highlight his ability to overcome the little things to achieve the everyday things as a legally blind person – be it retro gaming, giving back to the community, running with the Olympic Torch or travelling to all seven continents.

Scott’s combination of determination, the pursuit of education and the power of current and emerging technologies puts him in a unique position to provide guidance on how a person with a disability can not only enjoy life but give back to a joyous, generous world.

This website has been created as a portal to highlight Scott’s  Consultancy Services  that relate to the delivery of workshops and training in the area of digital accessibility, project consultancy and resource development for consumers and developers. Scott can also be booked for  speaking engagements  on a variety of topics relating to disability, the use of consumer technologies and his remarkable life journey highlighted in his book  Outrunning the Night 

If you would like to contact Scott regarding an accessibility question, a specific consultancy request, speaking engagement or just to ask general advice on accessibility, you are more than welcome to get in touch via the  Contact  page.